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Informed Delivery!

Want to know what will be arriving in your mailbox today? Sign up with the USPS and get informed of upcoming packages and mail sent to your email each morning. Click here for more information.

Get yourself a "Web Address" book, just like an address book but allows you to organize all your websites, logins and passwords alphabetically in one place. Be sure to write in pencil so you can change passwords when needed.

Smart Phone help

If you have an Apple iPhone running system 13 you now have the ability to silence unknown callers. NO MORE SPAM! Anyone who is in your contact list will get through, but everyone else will be sent directly to voice mail. Your phone won't even ring! If its a legit call they will leave a voice mail and you can add them to your contact list for future calls and call them back. You will see a notification that you have a missed call and you can check your voicemail. This feature has blocked 40 unknown callers this past week!  I dont know if this is available on Android phones.

Tech Tips